How did modern birds survive the asteroid impact that wiped out their close relatives?

Our latest paper, just published online, suggests that the global devastation of forests following the end-Cretaceous asteroid strike also eliminated all tree-dwelling birds. Thus, all modern birds that live in trees are descended from non-arboreal extinction survivors! Check it out here:

This was a really fun project to be a part of, and it was a privilege to work with Antoine Bercovici, Regan Dunn, Jacob Berv, Tyler Ranse Lyson, Vivi Vajda, David Fastovsky, and Jacques Gauthier.

Phillip Krzeminski from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology created this amazing and evocative scene, illustrating a hypothetical avian survivor (small, ground-dwelling, and capable of flight) fleeing wildfires set off in the immediate aftermath of the asteroid strike.

Please let me know if you’d like a copy of the PDF! And check out some of the accompanying press:


Due to publishing/installation timelines, I've been keeping a lot of my work off the web. I just got permission to upload some of my work from last summer - keep an eye open for new updates as I am able to advertise them!


New art created for the Raymond M. Alf Museum


Updated Bird Sculptures

Editorial Illustration

Lots of controversy surrounding the recently published work on the Cerutti Mastodon Site in Southern California, which places some form of genus Homo in the Americas 130,000 years ago! If it is further substantiated, it would topple old ideas about hominid migration! Figured I'd try my hand at a splashy editorial spread that would reconstruct the locality as the researchers see it.